Pushback Tugs

As Turkey representative, we’re conducting sales, maintenance and training of JBT Lektro which is the very first towbarless pushback tug. JBT Lektro can tow aircrafts from single engine aircrafts up to large cabin corporate jets, regional and narrow body airlines with its various models.

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Ap83 Series

AP83 Series
Tows up to 15,000 lbs
(6,804 kg)

Ap86 Series

AP86 Series
Tows up to 40,000 lbs
(18,143 kg)

Ap87 Series

AP87 Series
Tows up to 85,000 lbs
(38,555 kg)

Ap88 Series

AP88 Series
Tows up to 120,000 lbs
(54,432 kg)

Ap89 Series

AP89 Series
Tows up to 280,000 lbs
(127,005 kg)

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Ground Support Equipment

AERO Specialties is a leader in supplying the highest-quality and most affordable ground support equipment available. Aero has more than 30 years' experience in the design and manufacturing of ground support equipment with a loyal customer base of more than 21,000 clients globally. Aero Specialties customers include airlines, airports and airport authorities, corporate flight departments, FBO's, MRO's, cargo operators, airframe manufacturers, government, and military organizations from across the globe.

AERO provides complete aircraft ground support equipment solutions such as towbars and heads, oxygen and nitrogen systems, lavatory and potable water carts, ground power units (GPUs), stairs and stands, hydraulic power units, ramp safety equipment and more. AERO offers used and refurbished equipment as well.

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Potable Water Cart


Oxygen Nitrogen Carts

Hydraulic Power Unit


Fast & Smart Charging Units

PosiCharge, a division of Webasto, is the industry leader for fast-charging eGSE systems. PosiCharge chargers enable fast and smart charging of all battery types between 24-96V. Flexible installation and power share technology allow you to maximize available infrastructure while lowering costs. Intelligent battery management technology directs power to the batteries that need it most while keeping the temperature in an ideal range to extend battery life.

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Dvs 330

DVS 330

Ground support partner in aviation

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